Thursday, January 20, 2011

EVE character dump

So this last year I worked as a concept artist for CCP, doing, among other things, concepts for Characters. Mostly the costumes .
The costumes had to be interchangeable between different races, and in different colors. So that was a bit of a challenge, because that ment that I could not go too far in one direction with one costume, because that would mean that it would not match up with the rest of the costumes, and at the same time I had to convey the different cultures for each of the races, and of course make something cool. But it was a lot of fun.
I allways try to broarden my skillset, but I somehow allways end up drawing characters.
For each of the costumes, I had to come up with a highly detailed costume sheet, which I am only gonna show one example of here, so that the outsourcing company in China, who was actually going to build them in 3D had the most help that we could give them. This was timeconsuming, and very difficult, and I am not sure that all that effort really paid off, with all the fixing that we had to do inhouse anyway. But we got it done, and I think the end result looks great. Look up EVE incarna character creator on youtube if you want to see it in action. Or better yet, bo and buy a subscription to EVE.


  1. Excellent work here! I'm going to be buying a subscription to EVE soon, and I'm dying to try out the new character creator. It's great to see the concept work behind it, and that costume sheet looked like it took a loooooong time to make. How much time did you spend on each one?

  2. Thanks for the comment. Acutally it was something of a learning process. The first one took weeks. I remmember spending days online just to find the right material refferences, and translating the painterly style of the concept into the detailed line drawing was also a big challenge. But after I had done a couple, I became a lot faster.