Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Space girl pew pew

Yes, I did just watch Tron. And LOVED IT. I am a sucker for the art style.
Anyway, a colleague of mine asked me if I could help him out with a character concept, for a sidescroller he was working on. Pro Bone. And even thought there was no money in it, and I am actually moving to another country in two weeks, and don't really had the time, I still did it.

At least I managed to crank it out quikly.

Anyway, about the whole Tron inspiration. I never feel bad about drawing heavily on movies and stuff like that. I see something, and I want to try it out. I feel like it expands my palette, and I learn something from it.


  1. I just noticed, that from her pose and expression, it looks like she just farted. Now I can't stop laughing.
    But hey, this blog is a plce, where I am supposed to show stuff, that is less than perfect.

  2. agreed, cool movie! see what you mean about the poop :)
    still, good stuff, good luck with the move and happy new year,

  3. Hi Jan
    Thanks for the comment, and hope you are doing great and have a super duper new year yourself.